My office for the day:

I have been here before for Toy Story 3, and this film, Cars 2, but it seems extra special, since we’ve been called back to work multiple times due to it being released on Pixar Studio’s 25th anniversary.

How can you not be excited to walk into a building filled with larger than life-size characters scattered throughout the building. Buzz and Woody were made of Lego.

What surprised me was as I walked into the building, turned and saw a poster of a very familiar film. The film I got to work on last yearSurrogate Valentine was going to be showing at Pixar’s Theater on June 7th.

We got everything together and headed to breakfast. I’m always excited to see what the culinary crew has prepared.

I made a fruit yogurt parfait with granola with what was available.

After we set up the gear, I kept spying on when the crew was going to set up lunch.

The time had arrived and of course I grabbed a little bit of everything. Salmon, chicken, mushroom/spinach ravioli, roasted asparagus/squash…

Everything obviously made my taste buds happy, except for this random bean I found on my plate 🙂

Usually I never know what to expect when I arrive on location, and get informed of the plan…during the day. After lunch, I was grateful to be stuck in a room for a few hours during the behind the scenes interviews with none other than Denise, the producer of the much anticipated movie.  It was very insightful hearing about her background to the making of the film and hidden things to look out for.  Rounding the corner, we have one more visit before Cars 2 premieres on June 24th!


I remember the days when I was the human TV Guide. Any time, any channel, I knew what was up. Then came cable with its vast networks, and I lost all my powers.

Nowadays, when I get a call for a gig, I’d have to do research to see who the key players were and what I’d be getting myself into. An episode of a cable network matchmaking  reality show was coming through and needed local person, me, to help them out. Accepted the mission, and asked some friends if they knew what it was, and BOY DID THEY! Well then, internet/youtube research, here I come.

When it rains…you know. I love the access I get when I work, to places I never thought I’d ever take part in, like attend a  drag race, after parties, visiting an animation studio or working at a  lemonade stand.

Another cable show wanted footage of a big faire, The Maker’s Faire, happening in San Mateo, CA.

Which got me to the front of all these people

to experience the makings of giant bubbles

a live battleship combat

a demonstration of the reaction when combining Mentos Candy with Soda

How cool is making your own 3-D photos or videos, or is it just the geek in me.

Lunch was just blah.

but when we were done with the shoot, I ventured back because these ginormous vessels cooking paella with chicken and prawns.

I was suckered into getting it, but after the first bite,

it was apparent that, even though I look for them in the states, none can beat the taste of the paella I had in Barcelona.

Took a break from the indie film, Yes We’re Open, and tended to SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park in San Francisco’s Marina district. The event gathers people, mainly women for this woman’s magazine, to workout in the park, get pampered, and grab free swags.

Grabbed a little food before starting with the setup. Tea with cream and sugar, and a cheese bagel with a veggie shmear. Whoa, vegetable cream cheese, what planet have I been on!!!
Lots of setup to do:

in preparation for the crowd of exercising enthusiasts. Attendees take part in various classes from yoga to pilates to cardio tai boxing,

as well as athletic fashion, products and pampering.

There was also a quick appearance with Biggest Loser’s Alison Sweeney.

I exercised my appetite with a turkey wrap

There were sliced grapes in the wrap that was surprising to me, but it worked 🙂
It was a nice change of event, got my load of Vitamin D, and  even scored a slice of bday cake.

It was great to see so many fit fanatics out and about, they almost got me motivated to get up and move too…almost 🙂

Got to visit Pixar again since Toy Story 3, but this time for the press junket for Cars 2.

Out of all the locations I’ve been to, Pixar is probably my favorite.  Being able to step foot into the birthplace of so many outstanding animated movies is an honor – to see the sketches on paper framed as art, to final character creations sprinkled throughout the building.

Checked in and began light with a yogurt for breakfast
Interviews all day

built up my hunger for LUNCH!!! Grilled asparagus, chicken with pesto, shelled pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green salad

I was really satisfied

The food never disappoints, and I can only imagine how great it must be to work here. Then I turn over and spotted a boot camp session happening outside for the employees. WHAT???

Nothing could top that, I thought. I was wrong when a crew member told me they just laid out more snacks for us to enjoy.

The chips and taquitos I was familiar with, but

deep fried pickles were new to my taste buds.

Always an adventure and I got giddy when I saw Edna E. Mode standing there too.

Oh how I love coming here.

During this year’s Asian Film Festival, I was called back for a re-shoot to work on. Exactly this time last year, we shot an indie short, and the story developed in another direction, so we needed more footage. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly, but somehow it always works out for me to be able to juggle my schedule around others.

To keep with continuity, we had to upkeep the physical appearance of the actors from what we had filmed of them from before.

So, it was time for this guy to get a  little buzz.

The talented Anna Khaja didn’t change at all

except this time we had dryer weather.

Even though we are in a year and counting, I’d rather the director take their time and create their vision, as opposed to rushing to toss something together and not being happy with the film.  The director was excited for what was shot, which makes me excited to see the finished product.

Last year I took part in the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival’s festivities. The time has come again for the 29th annual SFIAAFF.

Other than the regular prep work and pickups

I also got to “work” with the publicist who had an all access entry to the festivities. Prior to mingling at the Opening Night reception at the Asian Art Museum,

we were at a Chinese TV station promoting the festival with interviews with people from the film, “Almost Perfect“, though I couldn’t understand any of it  because it was entirely in Mandarin 😦

I also got to meet back up with some old faces.
Musician Jane and the Surrogate Valentine peeps.

I think the first time I heard of Goh was from their youtube video duet.
Got called up for the Q/A session after the screening and I felt so uneasy up there.

I enjoy doing the things I get to do and meet the people I get to meet, but I’m more of a behind the scenes person. I’ll give it up to those that have no anxieties when it comes to things like this.

Had another opportunity to work with the director from the last video I traveled to LA for.
The final cut of the P!nk videos can be youtube’d:

Please Don’t Leave Me
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)

These videos played in the background during the her live concerts.

Back to the current California Dreams Tour gig in the making. Breakfast was from a taco truck parked next to the studio in Hollywood. The tab was picked up by the production 🙂 All other meals were just a blur with all the work that had to be done.

In two days, we turned this studio into

a real life candy land

Built out and dressed a bakery from scratch

Grungy butcher shop:

a little bedroom scene

Can’t wait to find this final cut of this shoot online sometime.