January 2010

Now that I’ve made a significant effort use up ingredients in my pantry I feel the need to fill them again. Easily doable after attending the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show.

With over 250,000 products being shown by exhibitors, there was plenty to see and taste. And much more to bring home. So many bloggers talking about greek yogurt, flax seeds, quinoa, gluten-free foods, I was glad I am able to relate to what they all are now. The show was highly informative and I urge anyone that can go, to do so.

Infused water seemed to be a big ‘it’ product. Not those flavored seltzer water, but pure water with a hint of mint, lime, cucumber, honeydew with hibiscus, chocolate mint, cherry mint, the flavors are endless. The mint flavor tasted like watered down mouthwash, but the idea and flavor grew on me.

As for teas, I’m good for a while now. Teas galore!

Energy bars, snack bars the one that actually tastes really good were the KIND Bars. This one I actually ran to get these stocked. Great see through packaging shows that nothing is processed and whole ingredients such as nuts, fruits and berries were used.  All natural, gluten-free, wheat-free, and most dairy-free. The new line has added nutritional enhancements such as vitamins, antioxidants, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Omega-3…

Individual packaged peanut butter. Why didn’t I think of marketing that?

Or applesauce in a squeeze package.

These will be perfect when I crave cereal and run out of milk.

A couple of items that left me wondering, if there’s really a demand out there for it. There was the coffee without the cup. Basically instant coffee packed in a capsule and taken like a pill. Then we’ve got the anti hangover solution. That’s a waste on me since I don’t drink. Guess I’ll pass that one along.

Quinio and Flax seeds. Never had them before, but I guess I will now.

Used some of the Flax seeds in my swiss yogurt.

And if you like bacon, and who doesn’t, especially the people at this bacon booth i ran into. Bacon flavored popcorn, bacon flavored lip balm, bacon flavored salt and pepper, and also bacon flavored envelopes. Of course I had to try out the lip balm. This novelty item felt and smelled like bacon fat in a tube.

Whenever I see these ginger chews, reminds me of the ladies at The Actor’s Diet.

I had a great time, and it felt like Christmas in January. And in a way, it really was.


Fresh spring roll rice papers are on my “To Use Up” list. Another simple preparation. All my ingredients are raw except for some boiled chicken and shrimp. Bean sprouts, carrot, cucumber, shrimp, chicken, green leaf, and fresh spring roll sheets. Kept it simple without green onions and rice vermicelli, and because I didn’t have any on-hand, so I’ll live without this time.

Use a flat dish deep and wide enough to submerge the rice paper in warm water. Soak 3-5 seconds until the rice paper is soften. Soak longer depending of the thickness, but not too long which will make it soft and easy to tear.

Place paper on board or plate and lay on the ingredients on 1/3 of the paper.

Next is when experience makes rolling easy, or if non like me, the use of all 10 fingers to frantically grab all the ingredients to tuck snugly within, fold the 2 sides in and finish rolling up the final edge.

This makes me want to make sushi soon.

Headed on over to Costco to do some shopping for the cafe, and of course made my rounds with the samples. Here’s one that also passed out a flyer about their product.  I wonder which ingredient in this drink contributes to the stated Anti-Bloating.

Improv today. Wanted to make a tofu smoothie, I used 1/4 slab of tofu, 1 banana, and some honey. Realized I had firm instead of soft tofu, which made the mixture thicker, I needed some liquid. No juice, or yogurt to be found, so I opted for good ole H2O and continued blending. Still too creamy to drink from a straw, and after adding a little more water and still didn’t help, I decided to dump the smoothie classification and call it a yogurt. A ‘yogurt-less tofu/banana…yogurt’.

Topped it with more honey, and I’m a happy camper.

Wow, much easier than making real yogurt, more versatile with the flavor, and simple!

Headed over to the cafe for a couple hours to sit around just in-case I was needed to help out. With an abundance of produce, made another one of my blended drinks for lunch. Lunch rush ended, all the shopping done, and it was safe to head home.

Dinner consisted of a hearty vegetable soup of beets, potato, cabbage, carrots, tomato and the rest of the tofu from morning.

All diced and cut up.

I love the deep red color of beets.

Except it turns everything red.

Had my soup with a side of left over rice.

Argh! While prepping this page, I just remembered that I forgot the celery. Well, not to late to add it tomorrow, since this batch was pretty large.

Eventful weekend in store for me. Heading to Pleasanton for a home buying seminar and also going to the Fancy Food Show. 2010 is when things are going to happen! More on that next time.

In my journey to clean out the shelves, I came upon some potato noodles that was used once when trying out the Korean Japchae dish.

As the noodles cooked, I started to prep the other ingredients.

Still having no idea what was really going to make it to the pan, and how it was going to turn out, I laid everything out and made my decision. Here we have some julienned green onion, BBQ pork (cha sui), onions, snow peas, carrots, button and shiitake mushrooms, and bean sprouts.

Heated the pan, cooked the onion with some garlic, then threw in the rest of the ingredients. Noodles just about done, and tossed it in with some soy sauce, salt and sugar.

Dressed the plate with some lettuce and tomato for some extra crunch. And the results.

Mmmm, Potato noodles – we will meet once again.

As the journey continues, check out the size of this mushroom. CRAZY!

So I was going through the shelves and found some crackers that was used for a party a while back.

No parties in the near future, but I wanted to find a use for the rest.  Any suggestions on what I may incorporate with the multi-grain crackers?

I usually have my ceviche with tortilla chips, but hey, when you’re cleaning out the shelves, crackers instead of chips is just a technicality.

Marinated overnight the raw shrimp and salmon in the juice of 4 small lemons in addition to diced cucumber, onion jalapeño and tomatoes.  The acid from the lemons ‘chemically’ cooks the seafood from a translucent texture to the ‘cooked’ opaque and firm readiness. Some people rather boil their seafood first, no problem with that.

A little mild, since the kick of the jalapeño was not there. The ceviche was still good – cool, refreshing.

Is there any way to select potent jalapeños?

Been blending everything and anything I can get my hands on these past couple days.  Honestly, some didn’t really look too appealing to post, but they were still good, and even better going down when I realized how easily it was for me to get my greens in.

Each of my drinks consists of various combination I had on hand:  broccoli, spinach, cucumber, celery, carrots,  orange, lemon with the peal, banana, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, and strawberry.

With the abundance of vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and whatever else is included in the long list of multivitamins, I’m pretty satisfied that I can get it all packed in a tasty drink that can also double as a meal.

Watching many informercials talk about consuming the entire fruits and vegetables because they contain nutrients in their seeds and rinds as well, I’ll have to try including the watermelon rinds next time.

All in all, 4 days into it, I already notice an increase of energy.

What other things I can toss in there? I’ll try it!

Okay, newbie here.

So with this post I’m jumping right to it because I was really excited to start taking pictures of things that I consume. Well, in this case, a picture – singular.

Anyone into juicing? I actually blended up a concoction that consisted of spinach, broccoli, and celery. Also threw in half a pealed orange, and a couple slices of lemon, skin on, and liquefied it in a blender with a cup of apple juice.

The vegetable blend was not bad at all, but it offended a couple people that really appreciated the sweet milkshakes and fruit smoothies I make for them. Maybe I was a little far-fetched with introducing the vegetable idea until one guy actually asked me what I was drinking. He was stoked about the ‘healthy concept’.

I’d probably need to find recipes to follow, and show some nutritional facts for them to maybe try it. Who knows, maybe they’ll come around. They also had that same lack of interest when I made avocado smoothies. Now they’re hooked.

Things seem foreign in the beginning, but that’s why I’m here to experiment on myself and tell them that it’s okay.
I guess I can say it’s the same with me and blogging as I try to figure things out and read up on how other bloggers have started and continued on this journey.

Blog lurking intrigued me so much that “I want to play too!”