Okay, newbie here.

So with this post I’m jumping right to it because I was really excited to start taking pictures of things that I consume. Well, in this case, a picture – singular.

Anyone into juicing? I actually blended up a concoction that consisted of spinach, broccoli, and celery. Also threw in half a pealed orange, and a couple slices of lemon, skin on, and liquefied it in a blender with a cup of apple juice.

The vegetable blend was not bad at all, but it offended a couple people that really appreciated the sweet milkshakes and fruit smoothies I make for them. Maybe I was a little far-fetched with introducing the vegetable idea until one guy actually asked me what I was drinking. He was stoked about the ‘healthy concept’.

I’d probably need to find recipes to follow, and show some nutritional facts for them to maybe try it. Who knows, maybe they’ll come around. They also had that same lack of interest when I made avocado smoothies. Now they’re hooked.

Things seem foreign in the beginning, but that’s why I’m here to experiment on myself and tell them that it’s okay.
I guess I can say it’s the same with me and blogging as I try to figure things out and read up on how other bloggers have started and continued on this journey.

Blog lurking intrigued me so much that “I want to play too!”