So I was going through the shelves and found some crackers that was used for a party a while back.

No parties in the near future, but I wanted to find a use for the rest.  Any suggestions on what I may incorporate with the multi-grain crackers?

I usually have my ceviche with tortilla chips, but hey, when you’re cleaning out the shelves, crackers instead of chips is just a technicality.

Marinated overnight the raw shrimp and salmon in the juice of 4 small lemons in addition to diced cucumber, onion jalapeño and tomatoes.  The acid from the lemons ‘chemically’ cooks the seafood from a translucent texture to the ‘cooked’ opaque and firm readiness. Some people rather boil their seafood first, no problem with that.

A little mild, since the kick of the jalapeño was not there. The ceviche was still good – cool, refreshing.

Is there any way to select potent jalapeños?