Eventful weekend in store for me. Heading to Pleasanton for a home buying seminar and also going to the Fancy Food Show. 2010 is when things are going to happen! More on that next time.

In my journey to clean out the shelves, I came upon some potato noodles that was used once when trying out the Korean Japchae dish.

As the noodles cooked, I started to prep the other ingredients.

Still having no idea what was really going to make it to the pan, and how it was going to turn out, I laid everything out and made my decision. Here we have some julienned green onion, BBQ pork (cha sui), onions, snow peas, carrots, button and shiitake mushrooms, and bean sprouts.

Heated the pan, cooked the onion with some garlic, then threw in the rest of the ingredients. Noodles just about done, and tossed it in with some soy sauce, salt and sugar.

Dressed the plate with some lettuce and tomato for some extra crunch. And the results.

Mmmm, Potato noodles – we will meet once again.

As the journey continues, check out the size of this mushroom. CRAZY!