Improv today. Wanted to make a tofu smoothie, I used 1/4 slab of tofu, 1 banana, and some honey. Realized I had firm instead of soft tofu, which made the mixture thicker, I needed some liquid. No juice, or yogurt to be found, so I opted for good ole H2O and continued blending. Still too creamy to drink from a straw, and after adding a little more water and still didn’t help, I decided to dump the smoothie classification and call it a yogurt. A ‘yogurt-less tofu/banana…yogurt’.

Topped it with more honey, and I’m a happy camper.

Wow, much easier than making real yogurt, more versatile with the flavor, and simple!

Headed over to the cafe for a couple hours to sit around just in-case I was needed to help out. With an abundance of produce, made another one of my blended drinks for lunch. Lunch rush ended, all the shopping done, and it was safe to head home.

Dinner consisted of a hearty vegetable soup of beets, potato, cabbage, carrots, tomato and the rest of the tofu from morning.

All diced and cut up.

I love the deep red color of beets.

Except it turns everything red.

Had my soup with a side of left over rice.

Argh! While prepping this page, I just remembered that I forgot the celery. Well, not to late to add it tomorrow, since this batch was pretty large.