Fresh spring roll rice papers are on my “To Use Up” list. Another simple preparation. All my ingredients are raw except for some boiled chicken and shrimp. Bean sprouts, carrot, cucumber, shrimp, chicken, green leaf, and fresh spring roll sheets. Kept it simple without green onions and rice vermicelli, and because I didn’t have any on-hand, so I’ll live without this time.

Use a flat dish deep and wide enough to submerge the rice paper in warm water. Soak 3-5 seconds until the rice paper is soften. Soak longer depending of the thickness, but not too long which will make it soft and easy to tear.

Place paper on board or plate and lay on the ingredients on 1/3 of the paper.

Next is when experience makes rolling easy, or if non like me, the use of all 10 fingers to frantically grab all the ingredients to tuck snugly within, fold the 2 sides in and finish rolling up the final edge.

This makes me want to make sushi soon.

Headed on over to Costco to do some shopping for the cafe, and of course made my rounds with the samples. Here’s one that also passed out a flyer about their product.¬† I wonder which ingredient in this drink contributes to the stated Anti-Bloating.