Now that I’ve made a significant effort use up ingredients in my pantry I feel the need to fill them again. Easily doable after attending the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show.

With over 250,000 products being shown by exhibitors, there was plenty to see and taste. And much more to bring home. So many bloggers talking about greek yogurt, flax seeds, quinoa, gluten-free foods, I was glad I am able to relate to what they all are now. The show was highly informative and I urge anyone that can go, to do so.

Infused water seemed to be a big ‘it’ product. Not those flavored seltzer water, but pure water with a hint of mint, lime, cucumber, honeydew with hibiscus, chocolate mint, cherry mint, the flavors are endless. The mint flavor tasted like watered down mouthwash, but the idea and flavor grew on me.

As for teas, I’m good for a while now. Teas galore!

Energy bars, snack bars the one that actually tastes really good were the KIND Bars. This one I actually ran to get these stocked. Great see through packaging shows that nothing is processed and whole ingredients such as nuts, fruits and berries were used.  All natural, gluten-free, wheat-free, and most dairy-free. The new line has added nutritional enhancements such as vitamins, antioxidants, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Omega-3…

Individual packaged peanut butter. Why didn’t I think of marketing that?

Or applesauce in a squeeze package.

These will be perfect when I crave cereal and run out of milk.

A couple of items that left me wondering, if there’s really a demand out there for it. There was the coffee without the cup. Basically instant coffee packed in a capsule and taken like a pill. Then we’ve got the anti hangover solution. That’s a waste on me since I don’t drink. Guess I’ll pass that one along.

Quinio and Flax seeds. Never had them before, but I guess I will now.

Used some of the Flax seeds in my swiss yogurt.

And if you like bacon, and who doesn’t, especially the people at this bacon booth i ran into. Bacon flavored popcorn, bacon flavored lip balm, bacon flavored salt and pepper, and also bacon flavored envelopes. Of course I had to try out the lip balm. This novelty item felt and smelled like bacon fat in a tube.

Whenever I see these ginger chews, reminds me of the ladies at The Actor’s Diet.

I had a great time, and it felt like Christmas in January. And in a way, it really was.