Thirsty as ever, rummaging through my fridge, I found some organic frozen fruit. Dropped a couple pieces of strawberry, and mango along with some apple juice, some water to dilute the sweetness, and some Premium Gold flax seeds from the Food Show , and wah-lah!

Inspired by blogger Erin’s post on coconuts, I went out and got my first young coconut. Then another and another, and then a case of 9 because it was so good, and practice makes for a perfectly opened coconut. Here’s my technique:

Four whacks with a butcher knife in a square pattern. Be sure to hit it hard enough to crack the inner shell.

And pry the top open.

It’s filled to the rim with fresh coconut water and the meat to enjoy.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. But there is still that fear of “what if I miss the whack?” Don’t worry about it. Wounds heal, and if limbs detach, remember to pick it back up and put it on ice.  What’s the use of health insurance if you don’t take advantage of it once in a while?  But in all seriousness, always be careful when armed.

Close to a dozen coconuts and counting, my whacks are still clean, so worry not and get out your straw and cocktail umbrella and enjoy.