April 2010

So I was relaxed and helping the family out in the restaurant for lunch and got a call to be in LA a day earlier than expected. The only way to make it on time was to rent a car and head out that night.

Made it in great time, and prepped for a 2 day shoot. Not as redundant or as long as hours as a music video, the video was definitely fun to make. We were creating the video that plays during the concert which is for the new summer tour 2010 and the only way to see the final product is to get tickets for:

Great couple of days, made some wonderful connections, and had my last meal before heading back home. mCafe was my favorite stop, and I had the time, so I ordered a Tuna Takati Salad with a Mint infused ice tea. Was a little disappointed that the tuna was not that nice of a cut, but I digress.

After lunch, I was on the road headed back home. After a couple of hours, I passed a sign that said the next gas services will be in the next 30 miles. So according to my calculations, I would be able to cover that milage with what I have in my tank and just make it to the next station. The view was serene, the traffic was light, and seriously there were no service areas to be seen for miles.

The gas light came on, the needle got closer to the “E” and I began to panic. What if my calculation was incorrect? I better bolt it to the 30mile mark ASAP. Even if I do run out of gas, I hope it happens soon, as there were still light out and help would be easier to get if I was stranded on the side of the road, or if I had to walk the rest of the way. I made it to the next gas station, but WHEW was i worried!

Made it home safe and sound. Pretty excited for the next unexpected gig that comes up.


Heading to the office yesterday was great. The weather was nice, the drive was relaxing, the view wasn’t half bad at all. It makes me appreciate the location of the office, right off the Embarcadero waterfront that many people stop at when visiting San Francisco.

Today I got to spend the day with my mom and she loves dim sum so that’s exactly what she got. It’s funny how we don’t really call it going out for dim sum, rather, to go out and “yum cha”, which literally means “drink tea”. We actually refer “yum cha” as the custom of enjoying dim sum while sipping Chinese tea.

We ordered was a mix of Chrysanthemum and Bo-lay tea. Very potent, but very aromatic with the chrysanthemum flowers.

We knew we had to order a Lobster Lo Mein immediately so the kitchen can get it started. It’s a very popular dish, as almost every table in the restaurant has one.

And let the feasting begin!!!  Well, not until we mark down what we want. There’s two type of Dim Sum places. One where the dim sum are either pushed around on carts or carried around the restaurant, and you select the dishes from them. The other type is where you get a menu and check off what and how many items you want by name. We went for the later one. The only downside is that the Chinese to English translation may not be all that accurate and you can’t order with your eyes as if they were right in front of you.

The full menu didn’t help me at all, as everything was in Chinese.

Good thing my mom was there to translate for me!
Out from the kitchen came 6 Lobster dishes at once, one which landed on our table.

The usual staples that we order: Siu Mai, Siu Lung Bao, Steamed Spare Ribs, Sponge Cake. We had to go easy on the ordering as it was only the two of us. With more people, we could have ordered a wider variety of dishes.

And one of my favorites, the Haam Sui Gok. It’s a complex dumpling, since the outside is slightly sweet and crispy, the second layer is gooey, and the filling is slightly salty with a combination of pork, shiitake mushroom and vegetables.

So the interview for the gig in June didn’t go as planned, but as they say, “When one door closes, another opens”.  Got a call for a job down in Los Angeles. So during my BBQ Beef/Chicken take home dinner from Ono Hawaiian BBQ, I started to make plans for my trip in 2 days.

With who this gig is going to be with, I know it’s going to be an exciting time!!!

So the other night, we almost finished all 4lbs of crawfish. We asked for the crawfish to be taken home, so they leaned over our bagged crustacean, and tied a knot. How convenient – the serving bag doubles as the take-out bag.

The sauce was SPICY, but oh so tasty, so I decided to try and tone down the heat, and create a noodle dish paired with a simple bok choy soup. Oh what a battle the Vermicelli put up. I only needed half the portion, and this is what I needed to tame.

Everything gets a bath before cooking.

Actually got a real schedule in the morning. Heading into the office for a meeting. Wow, I haven’t stepped foot in there for over 5 weeks. Then off to an interview for a possible gig in June. We’ll see how it goes.

“Make every day green. Together we protect the environment for today, tomorrow and the future.”

So work went as usual, but closing time came in a hurry as my family were trying to get to Red Crawfish, a Cajun restaurant in San Francisco, for my birthday dinner before they closed.

I knew shrimp would be involved, and I LOVE SHRIMP! But a few years back, I might have reached my limit and OD’d on them. Thus began my food allergy to my favorite crustacean. When I reach a certain point, I must stop or else my throat closes up and hives start to form. Not pretty, not pretty at all, nor comfortable.  So for the longest time, I would only indulge in it in the privacy of my own home, which housed my remedy of rice wine. Seriously, it cures the hives in 15minutes, I don’t drink it, but rather apply it. So worth it, because I LOVE SHRIMP.

It’s a place where there are rolls of paper napkins on the paper lined tables and you roll up your sleeves and dig in with your hands. I use only four of my fingers, the index and the thumbs so the rest can be left clean to pick up my water cup, pass the napkins, or scratch an itch.

We ordered a set menu which consisted of:

– salt and pepper squid
– 4 pounds of Crawfish
– 2 pounds of Shrimp
– Gumbo
– Beignets

We were able to order half of the shrimp and crawfish to be mild and the other half spicy.

The squid came out, nothing too spetacular, but crunchy with too much batter. The sauce was good though, a little sweet and sour.

The crawfish came out in plastic bags. That was different, and they were pretty steaming hot.

And yes, we put on the bibs. Good thing too because half way into it, my sister squirted juice my way.

When the shrimp came, and my dad tackled it first. “Whew, this is the hot one?” He asked the waitress as she came with the 2nd half of the shrimp order. No, that’s the mild. We were all pretty scared of the temperature of the spicy after that response. It actually wasn’t too bad, as long as you don’t take in all the sauce.

We ended with some dessert – Beignets with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It was amazing – warm, soft, sweet paired with the creamy ice-cream.

And the aftermath:

At the end it was a good meal, and best of all, my shrimp/food allergy did not kick in and I was able to enjoy the entire dinner.

Happy Birthday to me.

Been pretty busy this month and I love it, but has caused me to lag on the blog. These past couple weeks was all about juggling my work schedule and networking.

The Asian American Film Festival was up and running here in San Francisco. Took part in the preparation for the festival and had time to catch a couple films as well. (Fog and The People I’ve Slept With)

Made time to worked on a couple films too, and I can say they had everything I would never consume on a regular basis – cookies, candy, chips, cake, soda,…. You get the point, the “good stuff”.

I get home pretty late, about 11pm, and need to be across the bay by 8am, so I throw together my “go to meal” of noodle soup. Usually some sort of noodle (ramen, udon, rice noodle), with fishballs, and veggies, and anything else I have in the fridge.

and another night:

A little glimpse of what I’m working on:

A  G-rated film: Only one word can describe such a place, colorful. Like Punky Brewster/Saved by the Bell colorful. I’m not alone on this, am I?

A short film: Sexy bedroom scene just isn’t that sexy with so many people around.

Check out the spread for the wedding reception:
That’s what I call love during a recession. Haha, just doing a commercial in the streets of Oakland. There’s much more to this, but if you see these two show up on the screen, let me know.

Off to bed now before I tackle this bridge to cross the bay. The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge.