Been pretty busy this month and I love it, but has caused me to lag on the blog. These past couple weeks was all about juggling my work schedule and networking.

The Asian American Film Festival was up and running here in San Francisco. Took part in the preparation for the festival and had time to catch a couple films as well. (Fog and The People I’ve Slept With)

Made time to worked on a couple films too, and I can say they had everything I would never consume on a regular basis – cookies, candy, chips, cake, soda,…. You get the point, the “good stuff”.

I get home pretty late, about 11pm, and need to be across the bay by 8am, so I throw together my “go to meal” of noodle soup. Usually some sort of noodle (ramen, udon, rice noodle), with fishballs, and veggies, and anything else I have in the fridge.

and another night:

A little glimpse of what I’m working on:

A  G-rated film: Only one word can describe such a place, colorful. Like Punky Brewster/Saved by the Bell colorful. I’m not alone on this, am I?

A short film: Sexy bedroom scene just isn’t that sexy with so many people around.

Check out the spread for the wedding reception:
That’s what I call love during a recession. Haha, just doing a commercial in the streets of Oakland. There’s much more to this, but if you see these two show up on the screen, let me know.

Off to bed now before I tackle this bridge to cross the bay. The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge.