So work went as usual, but closing time came in a hurry as my family were trying to get to Red Crawfish, a Cajun restaurant in San Francisco, for my birthday dinner before they closed.

I knew shrimp would be involved, and I LOVE SHRIMP! But a few years back, I might have reached my limit and OD’d on them. Thus began my food allergy to my favorite crustacean. When I reach a certain point, I must stop or else my throat closes up and hives start to form. Not pretty, not pretty at all, nor comfortable.  So for the longest time, I would only indulge in it in the privacy of my own home, which housed my remedy of rice wine. Seriously, it cures the hives in 15minutes, I don’t drink it, but rather apply it. So worth it, because I LOVE SHRIMP.

It’s a place where there are rolls of paper napkins on the paper lined tables and you roll up your sleeves and dig in with your hands. I use only four of my fingers, the index and the thumbs so the rest can be left clean to pick up my water cup, pass the napkins, or scratch an itch.

We ordered a set menu which consisted of:

– salt and pepper squid
– 4 pounds of Crawfish
– 2 pounds of Shrimp
– Gumbo
– Beignets

We were able to order half of the shrimp and crawfish to be mild and the other half spicy.

The squid came out, nothing too spetacular, but crunchy with too much batter. The sauce was good though, a little sweet and sour.

The crawfish came out in plastic bags. That was different, and they were pretty steaming hot.

And yes, we put on the bibs. Good thing too because half way into it, my sister squirted juice my way.

When the shrimp came, and my dad tackled it first. “Whew, this is the hot one?” He asked the waitress as she came with the 2nd half of the shrimp order. No, that’s the mild. We were all pretty scared of the temperature of the spicy after that response. It actually wasn’t too bad, as long as you don’t take in all the sauce.

We ended with some dessert – Beignets with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It was amazing – warm, soft, sweet paired with the creamy ice-cream.

And the aftermath:

At the end it was a good meal, and best of all, my shrimp/food allergy did not kick in and I was able to enjoy the entire dinner.

Happy Birthday to me.