So the other night, we almost finished all 4lbs of crawfish. We asked for the crawfish to be taken home, so they leaned over our bagged crustacean, and tied a knot. How convenient – the serving bag doubles as the take-out bag.

The sauce was SPICY, but oh so tasty, so I decided to try and tone down the heat, and create a noodle dish paired with a simple bok choy soup. Oh what a battle the Vermicelli put up. I only needed half the portion, and this is what I needed to tame.

Everything gets a bath before cooking.

Actually got a real schedule in the morning. Heading into the office for a meeting. Wow, I haven’t stepped foot in there for over 5 weeks. Then off to an interview for a possible gig in June. We’ll see how it goes.

“Make every day green. Together we protect the environment for today, tomorrow and the future.”