So I was relaxed and helping the family out in the restaurant for lunch and got a call to be in LA a day earlier than expected. The only way to make it on time was to rent a car and head out that night.

Made it in great time, and prepped for a 2 day shoot. Not as redundant or as long as hours as a music video, the video was definitely fun to make. We were creating the video that plays during the concert which is for the new summer tour 2010 and the only way to see the final product is to get tickets for:

Great couple of days, made some wonderful connections, and had my last meal before heading back home. mCafe was my favorite stop, and I had the time, so I ordered a Tuna Takati Salad with a Mint infused ice tea. Was a little disappointed that the tuna was not that nice of a cut, but I digress.

After lunch, I was on the road headed back home. After a couple of hours, I passed a sign that said the next gas services will be in the next 30 miles. So according to my calculations, I would be able to cover that milage with what I have in my tank and just make it to the next station. The view was serene, the traffic was light, and seriously there were no service areas to be seen for miles.

The gas light came on, the needle got closer to the “E” and I began to panic. What if my calculation was incorrect? I better bolt it to the 30mile mark ASAP. Even if I do run out of gas, I hope it happens soon, as there were still light out and help would be easier to get if I was stranded on the side of the road, or if I had to walk the rest of the way. I made it to the next gas station, but WHEW was i worried!

Made it home safe and sound. Pretty excited for the next unexpected gig that comes up.