It’s the end of the season for the San Francisco Ballet, but a congratulations is necessary for Vanessa and Davit. This couple actually danced as a pair for Romeo and Juliet, and at the end of the program, Romeo proposed to Juliet on the stage. What a wonderous moment, for them and the audience. Working right next door to the ballet has its benefits as I got to take in a couple complimentary shows when I had the time.

On to today, and even though I’m no mom, I love it too because I get to indulge in everything my Mom was treated to. Rather than cram into a restaurant today along with everyone else, we decided to make a home cooked meal. I had to work the entire day and night, so my sister actually did the all cooking. I just had to bring the guest of honor to the location, help a little in the plating, and preparing the dessert.

We had a steamed catfish, marinated thai beef with pickled onions, watercress and tomato, a 3-cup chicken dish, an eggplant with tofu and minced turkey, supplemented with a white fungus soup.We finished the catfish and soup, but only made a dent in the other dishes. We were stuffed, but we had to put down one more course – DESSERT!  We got a durian from an asian market. This thorny, distinctly strong odored fruit is shipped frozen from Thailand. I can’t fathom the idea of the first people that discovered the fruit, with it’s protective skin and intense aroma, and realized the flesh inside was edible. Some people regard the durian as fragrant; others find the smell overpowering and offensive.

Vacationed to Thailand many years ago, I was shocked to see our hotel have a sign in front of their building stating that you cannot bring durian into the building. Oh, you can’t even sneak it in, as the smell is so strong, people will know! I can understand, as half of my family love this fruit, and the other run far from it.  I describe it as a sweet creamy pudding with it’s distinctive sweetness.

I was the designated “opener” of the durian. Slicing each chamber with a pair of kitchen shears, the thorny skin is carefully pried open as an “assistant opener” scoops the flesh out.

All scooped out, and this is how much this 7lb durian yielded.

We did good, but one piece too many, so we let the guest of honor take home the last piece.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!