Had one of those days where my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. After I ate, a couple minutes later, I was hungry again. It was crazy, I even drank a couple of glasses of water in hopes it’ll quiet the beast that is my stomach. I needed some sort of snack to hold me over before dinner, but I still had like 6hrs. Haven’t stocked up the cupboards for some time with things that seemed appetizing, so I took a drive over to the local Asian market and found  some small taro roots. Took them home, washed, and boiled them until a toothpick was able to be inserted, probably took only 10-12minutes.

But I still had to wait to eat since they were piping hot!

Peeled and a sprinkling of salt was optional.

It went well holding me over until dinner which was broiled steak, with sauteed zucchini with steamed rice.

I love these simple meals.