I met up with my sister and her husband from Arizona at Las Vegas. I flew and they drove, so I got there earlier and had time to walk around on my own before they arrived. I scoped out the hours of the eatery and times for shows.

They arrived, we checked into the hotel, and headed to “The Buffet” @ the Bellagio.  My brother-in-law really wanted to go after seeing it on the Travel Channel. Beautiful for sure. I was so excited to indulge I forgot to take out the camera. We were there half and hour before Dinner began to get in for the Lunch Price as they switched over. Ingenious? I know! What buffet is complete without my favorite, prawns. I loaded a good amount of prawns on my plate. Prawn cocktail, a slice of pesto shrimp pizza, in addition to a plethora of other heavenly goodness. I was feeling okay and we went back to the room to rest. An hour later the hives decided to come around. So I guess I’m not immune to the shrimp allergies.

I needed to take care of the situation STAT, before our night entertainment of the Hip Hop dance crew, the Jabawakeez at the MGM Grand.
I was pretty cool because I worked with a couple of the guys in a movie a couple years ago.

So I gathered up the troop, and we headed down to the casino. Had it all planned out, to sit near the bar so the cocktail waitress wouldn’t miss us. Put in a dollar in the machine, wait for the waitress, order a white wine, get the wine and cash out to I head back to the room with my remedies.  Worked well, not as quick as the wine I had at home, but the hives did go away in time for our 1/2 walk to the show.

We also made arrangements to go to the Tournament of the Kings, a midevil times dinner show where knights jousted and maidens danced as we ate with our hands. Being rowdy was a must to cheer on your knight, and boo the rest. You know, when in Rome….

All and all, we had a great time and the trip was a success.