I really wanted to make some homemade ice-cream, but remembered in the days how much of a hassle it was to get rock salt, and tag-teaming each other to crank the pail when one got tired. I was checking out reviews on which to get, and the price range. Surfing and calculating online for the best price took days and days. Through my findings a Cuisinart was a good maker. And having an extra freezing bowl would save time if you plan on making numerous batches of ice-cream and not needing to wait another 8hrs for the bowl to freeze up again before using. Low and behold, I walked into Costco and they had what I wanted and at a much lower price that I’ve been quoting.  Without a doubt I grabbed a box. The first step was to freeze the bowls, so immediately when I got home, I popped both bowls into the freezer. I immediately dreamed of the various exotic flavors to whip up. What could I make – green tea, lychee, ginger, etc ?

The next day I toasted up some sesame seeds,
and grinded them up with my coffee bean grinder along with some sugar.

Mixed in some coconut milk, poured the mixture into the ice-cream maker, and wahlah!
Made myself some home-made,vegan friendly toasted Sesame Ice-Cream compliments to Melanie from A Foodie’s Fall from Grace.
Didn’t know it, but coconut milk was a great substitute for the milk and eggs. And oh so easy to make was well.

Hmm, what other flavors should I make?