It’s been a couple years since I’ve had it but I had a sudden urge to make some Tang Yuan. These reminded me of the childhood days when my aunt that would have us over to her place to have a bowl tang yuen. Another symbolic treat, these tang yuan or glutinous rice dumplings are usually made around the time of Chinese New Year and the roundness symbolizes family unity.  I know, it’s not New Years, but oh well.

I grounded up some black sesame seeds as well as peanuts in a coffee grinder. Added sugar and butter, and put in the fridge to firm up.

As the filling was firming, I prepped the glutinous rice mixture. Recipes say the more you knead it, the less runny they get. I kneaded them for a while, I guess I just had too much water. Easily correctable with more glutinous rice flour.

Filled some with peanuts, and some with sesame.

It made a good amount. I froze the rest for future urges.

Prepared a sweet soup with rock sugar and ginger, and dropped the little balls in. When they float within minutes, they are done. The sesame ones were my favorite.

Amazingly easy to make. So many possibilities. I might even try a black sesame dessert soup, or sesame ice-cream, or even the black sesame rolls I use to have at dim sum outings.

I wonder what random urges will come up next?