June 2010

Yesterday and today was pretty relaxed as we were prepping for the show – getting equipment set up, getting all crew situated, crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s, hoping for a smooth or just a less bumpy ride. Tomorrow starts the shoot with the talent and the mayhem of the unforeseen.

So this is where we set up camp for the next week and a half.

9:30AM – Our production trailer was parked right in front of a Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits. I thought it was strange that there were people lining up even before they opened. Little did I know, that line didn’t die down till they closed, and I documented my view of the place every chance I got. In addition to the line inside, this is what I saw from the outside.

1PM – already 6 out the door.

1:30PM – Looked over my lunch order from La Salsa.

4:30PM – Lunch time, got my Original Gourmet Famous Burrito with steak – Line still there.

6:00PM – strolled by

6:15PM – looked over a part of the snack section in the trailer, but grabbed a healthy clementine orange.

8:00PM – checked on the line – still there

8:30PM – gave in and had a coffee and an Oatmeal/Cranberry Dunker from Trader Joe’s.

9:00PM – only 1 person lining up outside

9:45PM – Of course, once I got let go from work, I made my way into the place

9:50PM – while waiting for my food, the line started forming to the door again.

10:05PM – Checking out what all the fuss was about

Tuesday’s Two Piece Chicken for $0.99 – That’s what I’m talking about!

Crazy how many people lined up at this place throughout the day. I wonder how much chicken the joint went thru today.
Did you wait in any lines today?


So I have a group of friends that are really hard to get together. One of us put in a date to meet up 6 weeks in advance. One by one as the date grew closer, they had to cancel. All our work, school, family schedules are so different, it’s tough. So it was only the two of us. Good thing though, whatever time we planned, we would have been late to it in San Francisco, as we were detoured all around the city with street closures for block parties due to Pride 2010. It was okay because we were not in a rush. It was actually pretty cool that we were able to drive by different parts of the city and also spot this street art. So talented, I wish I had some sort of artistic ability in me.

A 6-mile drive took us 40 minutes, but we finally arrived at our destination – Sally’s After Dark and took part in their inclusive dinner special.

Started with a rosemary/thyme foccacia bread with olive oil and a thick balsamic glaze for dipping.

Steamed Mussels: tossed in a tomato, garlic and white wine broth.
A basic bruschetta: tomatoes, basil, crushed garlic, olive oil

Pan Seared Mahi – with a fresh roasted herbed corn relish – corn, thyme, roasted red peppers, green onion, green beans and garlic fingerling potatoes

Being the meat eater I am, I had the Country Pork Chop – topped with a ground mustard shallot sauce, served with a zucchini and cauliflower gratin and roasted asparagus.

Summer Brioche Pudding – English Style Pudding of Brioche & Fresh Berries Poached w/Port.
Served w/Honey Cream & Mint Granita

Espresso Chocolate Tart – Cocoa Tart Dough & Bittersweet Chocoate topped with Espresso Mousse. Served w/Peanut Brittle and Vanilla Bean Gelato

New gig starting tomorrow. New people to meet. New experiences. Bring it on.

So it may seem like I’m all over the place, and it’s probably true. I do various things for work.

Job #1 for today, I headed into the restaurant to work a 25 person party retirement party. Simple order they had. They started with a couple cocktails, and I began the house salad with a honey mustard dressing.

Then moved on to entrees. Sauteed Medallions of Pork with a port wine sauce.
Also, a Grilled King Salmon Filet with a spinach and shittake mushroom cream sauce.

Afterwards, staring at a fully stocked kitchen, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to whip up for myself. Seriously stood dumbfounded for 5 minutes. Did I want to overindulge, or eat a light, satisfied meal?

Tossed together a pasta with mushrooms, onions, tomato, garlic, lemon juice. Vinegar, lemon, pickles, capers – I love my food acidic!

Grabbed my food, took a seat, and began on Job #2 today. I work for a computer company that allows me do things remotely. How lucky am I?

Job #3 – Production work is coming up next week. They usually last all day/night long, so I free myself from all other commitments for that time period.

Good thing I didn’t do too much damage on lunch #1, as lunch #2 has just begun.
The owner has 2 restaurants, a French/American and a Chinese restaurant. I was around for when the ’employee meal’ was served so I got myself a small serving. Rice, cabbage with chicken, and Lo Shui Duck. Lo Shui is a complex sauce consisting of soy sauce, rice wine, rock sugar, scallions, ginger, star anise, and five spice powder – but translated directly means ‘old water’.

So I’m going to stick around at the restaurant to do my computer work until my next party shift arrives in a couple hours and I put my Sous Chef hat on.

How is your daily schedule like?

Came home from wrapping on set, to take a nap around 8pm and woke up at 10 o’clock. AM that is! There went dinner, and breakfast as a matter of fact. Strange, 14-hours of hibernation and I didn’t feel hungry at all.

Yesterday, on my last day on set, I began with a handful sugar snap peas and an Odwalla for my drive in.

Didn’t hold me over at all. There were donuts available and waiting, but I’m not much of a sweets person, so I took a walk up the street for some good ‘ole fashioned dim-sum. We were in Inner Richmond area, a part of the city which is a little Chinatown, outside of Chinatown. Grabbed myself a ‘lop cheong bao’ (steamed bun with chinese sausage) and some ‘sui mai’ (pork/mushroom/shrimp dumpling).

Lunch was Pad Thai from The King of Thai. Opps forgot about my shrimp issues. No attack this time, thank goodness 🙂

Project ending, met some great people and now it’s off to new things.

During our drive from location to location, got a call for another network gig that I had to graciously turn down. Didn’t want to disturb the ‘chi’ but give my full to the up and coming project. Hopefully the ‘laws of attraction‘ here won’t let me down.

With the downtime, going to make the best of it and try out some new recipes, get together with some friends, visit family – possible road trip to Sacramento, a maybe a little weeding to prevent fires on our hillside during the 4th of July. Wildfires shouldn’t be that big of a deal with the weather this time around. All other times of the year it’s usually cold where I live, but it being June and 52degrees outside is definitely not normal.

Could this be due to global warming?

One more day on set for a film in SF.  On the road, I had a breakfast of champions – a club sandwich I found in the fridge.

Paired it up with cup of coffee which I made a little more exciting with some English Toffee liquid stevia.Lunch was just across the street at a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Supposedly there were rice and noodle plates as well, but we broke for  lunch too late, and all they were serving were sandwiches.I got the BBQ Pork Vietnamese Sandwich. A little heavy on the pickled vegetables, but I would have rather had a little more meat instead. Today was a short day, just 9 hours.Cleaning out the fridge, leftovers were on the menu for dinner. And for dessert, found a can of Lychee fruit in the fridge.After I opened it, I remember why I got it, and it was part of an experiment to make Lychee Ice Cream. Oh well, next time.

During dinner I caught a couple episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. Wow, so intense.
I remember when I worked in the kitchen of an American/Continental restaurant. I enjoyed it, and it can be lots of fun if you can handle the demands and pressure, but it’s definitely hard work.

Speaking of work, after I wrap for this, I get a couple days off before beginning another gig with a reality network show. Looked it up, and I’m a little afraid of the host, but we’ll see if it’s just a character role, or if they’re really like that in person. I don’t know what’s going on lately that I’ve been able to schedule many opportunities in this industry, but let’s not disturb the ‘chi‘.

Things started early today, and I made a stop at Eddie’s Cafe
owned by some pretty nice Korean folks.
This old school hole in the wall diner served the classic eggs, bacon, and grits type selections. The entire menu pricing was ridiculously low. Check out their coffee cup collection, all unique and all used to serve their customers.
The early start turned into an early finish – a little too early! We never really began, and had to shut down for the day. The breakfast picked up was suppose to be used as prop in the scene, but since we postponed, breakfast turned into craft services for the cast/crew.
So no filming today but we ran through a rehearsal on set before we do it for real tomorrow. As I waited for rehearsal to complete, I picked up some reading material.

Heading out, I drove through the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and caught a waterfall,

and a herd of Buffalos in the city???and ended up at a Borders Book Store to put some time into my techie gig.
Entering the store gave me a great feeling of success, even though my part was close to minuscule.
Found my way to the back of the store where I consumed an Awaken Black Tea and a Banana Nut Bread.
Took the car in for some much needed maintenance and was ready for lunch.
Was always intrigued what their menu was like, and finally had time to check it out. Burritos filled with chicken adobo, tofu tikka masala, korean spicy pork, but I settled for the 4hr Beef Short Rib.
Good thing I brought this home to eat as it was  a bit messy and dripped with sauce. It came with a side of Sriracha hot sauce to kick it up a notch if need be. With eggs and hash browns tasted more like a breakfast burrito. Definitely wasn’t as heavy as if it were packed with beans, so I’m still feeling good about myself and not overly stuffed.

I’m so excited I got home early and looking forward to a full night’s rest.


Father’s Day, and mine wanted to go to either Red Lobster or a Tofu House. We met up at Red Lobster with my parents and sister. The wait was 35minutes. I was tired, it was 8pm, and didn’t want to wait, so we packed into the car and drove to find another dinner spot.
Strike 1.

Heard good things about this Au’s Kitchen that was nearby, that they prepare some pretty awesome crab dishes, but the place was closed.
Strike 2.

Back on the road, we passed by Happy Chef House, a Chinese and Korean restaurant. We’ve never been before, but they were open, they had room for us immediately, and they also had the Tofu Soup that my dad originally wanted, so we settled in.
5 minutes into settling in and looking over the menu, a little girl runs up to the waitress, screaming and pointing. Then we figured out what she was trying to say. “My brother is choking.” The mom helplessly brought the kid up to the middle of the restaurant for help. The boy was scared, unable to breathe, mouth opened trying to gasp for air, face turning deep red, tears falling…A man from the closest table ran up, moved the boy’s mom aside, wrapped his arms around the kid and started doing the heimlich on him. Six thrusts and screaming from the others later, the man was able to clear the boy’s throat. I don’t know what the kid was eating, but it was a big piece of something, probably the size of a whole prune. All order was restored.

Back to settling in and looking over the menu, we were greeted with some appetizer dishes of pickled cucumber, boiled seasoned peanuts, tiny fried fish, bean sprouts, pickled daikon/carrots, and kimchi.
We settled for the Korean Soft Tofu Soup – so hot it was still boiling while at the table.
Stir Fry Rice Cake with Pork, or also known as Shanghai chǎo nián gāo

Spicy Seafood Combination Noodle Soup – (shrimp, clams, calamari, sea cucumber)Can’t forget the greens, Sauteed Tung Choy (with fermented bean curd)And let the feast begin
This was the third restaurant we went to tonight, and by golly what a find to be able to choose dishes from two types of cooking styles.

Tonight was surely an adventure. Another great experience to meet and greet, but to send another cast member home – me no likey – but more on that in a compilation post. Another late night, and early morning start for me. Two more days before I wrap on this film production in San Francisco and move on to my next adventure.

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