Driving through the city, I would always wonder what houses looked like from the inside. I was able to examine a couple homes this past week working on a cable based home reality makeover show.

The host and real estate persons would judge the home and see if any of their renovations added value to the home, and if it ‘worked’ with the flow. I enjoyed all of the spaces until the ‘professionals’ came to give their ‘constructive criticisms’. I thought, wow I never thought of it that way, but that’s a good point.

In this Victorian House.

This was the arm they had to twist to make me work on this project.

Definitely a kitchen made for entertaining in mind.

Check out the view from the master bathroom. Heated marble flooring, steam shower, bidet, space galore…probably bigger than some apartments in the city. A little too exposed for me, but very luxurious.

Here lunching it up with a Mozzarella and Tomato with Prosciutto Sandwich from Say Cheese in Cole Valley.

At another location,

This one’s more to my liking – simple.

Lunch once again. This time a portebello mushroom burger from La Boulange also in Cole Valley. Looked huge and healthy, but I was hungry again in an hour. I need my meat!

Good thing I kept a hearty appetite because we were planning to feast later that night. My sister and I took our Mom out for her birthday dinner. Two week delay, but better late than never. For the longest time, she wanted to visit this buffet place, Todai that opened up in our area. We never made it, and it seems others didn’t either. They closed, and another restaurant took over. I never even caught the new restaurant’s name and missed out on it as they closed down within a year. Another owner decided to give this place a shot and reopened as Kome Japanese Seafood and Grill. Man did it seem like all of Daly City was here. I’d say there were probably an easy 800+ people here.

Yes, those are all my plates. Don’t judge, but I can really put ’em down!
Oysters, sushi, clams, crab legs, pea sprouts, wonton and pot sticker soup, and herbal chicken soup, oh my! That’s what I had, and that was only fraction of what was there. I was done for, but not after polishing it all with a serving of fruits at the end.

Hectic schedules causes a backlog of pics and events to live in my camera.  Hopefully I’ll find time to upload soon.