Father’s Day, and mine wanted to go to either Red Lobster or a Tofu House. We met up at Red Lobster with my parents and sister. The wait was 35minutes. I was tired, it was 8pm, and didn’t want to wait, so we packed into the car and drove to find another dinner spot.
Strike 1.

Heard good things about this Au’s Kitchen that was nearby, that they prepare some pretty awesome crab dishes, but the place was closed.
Strike 2.

Back on the road, we passed by Happy Chef House, a Chinese and Korean restaurant. We’ve never been before, but they were open, they had room for us immediately, and they also had the Tofu Soup that my dad originally wanted, so we settled in.
5 minutes into settling in and looking over the menu, a little girl runs up to the waitress, screaming and pointing. Then we figured out what she was trying to say. “My brother is choking.” The mom helplessly brought the kid up to the middle of the restaurant for help. The boy was scared, unable to breathe, mouth opened trying to gasp for air, face turning deep red, tears falling…A man from the closest table ran up, moved the boy’s mom aside, wrapped his arms around the kid and started doing the heimlich on him. Six thrusts and screaming from the others later, the man was able to clear the boy’s throat. I don’t know what the kid was eating, but it was a big piece of something, probably the size of a whole prune. All order was restored.

Back to settling in and looking over the menu, we were greeted with some appetizer dishes of pickled cucumber, boiled seasoned peanuts, tiny fried fish, bean sprouts, pickled daikon/carrots, and kimchi.
We settled for the Korean Soft Tofu Soup – so hot it was still boiling while at the table.
Stir Fry Rice Cake with Pork, or also known as Shanghai chǎo nián gāo

Spicy Seafood Combination Noodle Soup – (shrimp, clams, calamari, sea cucumber)Can’t forget the greens, Sauteed Tung Choy (with fermented bean curd)And let the feast begin
This was the third restaurant we went to tonight, and by golly what a find to be able to choose dishes from two types of cooking styles.

Tonight was surely an adventure. Another great experience to meet and greet, but to send another cast member home – me no likey – but more on that in a compilation post. Another late night, and early morning start for me. Two more days before I wrap on this film production in San Francisco and move on to my next adventure.