Things started early today, and I made a stop at Eddie’s Cafe
owned by some pretty nice Korean folks.
This old school hole in the wall diner served the classic eggs, bacon, and grits type selections. The entire menu pricing was ridiculously low. Check out their coffee cup collection, all unique and all used to serve their customers.
The early start turned into an early finish – a little too early! We never really began, and had to shut down for the day. The breakfast picked up was suppose to be used as prop in the scene, but since we postponed, breakfast turned into craft services for the cast/crew.
So no filming today but we ran through a rehearsal on set before we do it for real tomorrow. As I waited for rehearsal to complete, I picked up some reading material.

Heading out, I drove through the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and caught a waterfall,

and a herd of Buffalos in the city???and ended up at a Borders Book Store to put some time into my techie gig.
Entering the store gave me a great feeling of success, even though my part was close to minuscule.
Found my way to the back of the store where I consumed an Awaken Black Tea and a Banana Nut Bread.
Took the car in for some much needed maintenance and was ready for lunch.
Was always intrigued what their menu was like, and finally had time to check it out. Burritos filled with chicken adobo, tofu tikka masala, korean spicy pork, but I settled for the 4hr Beef Short Rib.
Good thing I brought this home to eat as it was  a bit messy and dripped with sauce. It came with a side of Sriracha hot sauce to kick it up a notch if need be. With eggs and hash browns tasted more like a breakfast burrito. Definitely wasn’t as heavy as if it were packed with beans, so I’m still feeling good about myself and not overly stuffed.

I’m so excited I got home early and looking forward to a full night’s rest.