One more day on set for a film in SF.  On the road, I had a breakfast of champions – a club sandwich I found in the fridge.

Paired it up with cup of coffee which I made a little more exciting with some English Toffee liquid stevia.Lunch was just across the street at a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Supposedly there were rice and noodle plates as well, but we broke for  lunch too late, and all they were serving were sandwiches.I got the BBQ Pork Vietnamese Sandwich. A little heavy on the pickled vegetables, but I would have rather had a little more meat instead. Today was a short day, just 9 hours.Cleaning out the fridge, leftovers were on the menu for dinner. And for dessert, found a can of Lychee fruit in the fridge.After I opened it, I remember why I got it, and it was part of an experiment to make Lychee Ice Cream. Oh well, next time.

During dinner I caught a couple episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. Wow, so intense.
I remember when I worked in the kitchen of an American/Continental restaurant. I enjoyed it, and it can be lots of fun if you can handle the demands and pressure, but it’s definitely hard work.

Speaking of work, after I wrap for this, I get a couple days off before beginning another gig with a reality network show. Looked it up, and I’m a little afraid of the host, but we’ll see if it’s just a character role, or if they’re really like that in person. I don’t know what’s going on lately that I’ve been able to schedule many opportunities in this industry, but let’s not disturb the ‘chi‘.