Came home from wrapping on set, to take a nap around 8pm and woke up at 10 o’clock. AM that is! There went dinner, and breakfast as a matter of fact. Strange, 14-hours of hibernation and I didn’t feel hungry at all.

Yesterday, on my last day on set, I began with a handful sugar snap peas and an Odwalla for my drive in.

Didn’t hold me over at all. There were donuts available and waiting, but I’m not much of a sweets person, so I took a walk up the street for some good ‘ole fashioned dim-sum. We were in Inner Richmond area, a part of the city which is a little Chinatown, outside of Chinatown. Grabbed myself a ‘lop cheong bao’ (steamed bun with chinese sausage) and some ‘sui mai’ (pork/mushroom/shrimp dumpling).

Lunch was Pad Thai from The King of Thai. Opps forgot about my shrimp issues. No attack this time, thank goodness 🙂

Project ending, met some great people and now it’s off to new things.

During our drive from location to location, got a call for another network gig that I had to graciously turn down. Didn’t want to disturb the ‘chi’ but give my full to the up and coming project. Hopefully the ‘laws of attraction‘ here won’t let me down.

With the downtime, going to make the best of it and try out some new recipes, get together with some friends, visit family – possible road trip to Sacramento, a maybe a little weeding to prevent fires on our hillside during the 4th of July. Wildfires shouldn’t be that big of a deal with the weather this time around. All other times of the year it’s usually cold where I live, but it being June and 52degrees outside is definitely not normal.

Could this be due to global warming?