Yesterday and today was pretty relaxed as we were prepping for the show – getting equipment set up, getting all crew situated, crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s, hoping for a smooth or just a less bumpy ride. Tomorrow starts the shoot with the talent and the mayhem of the unforeseen.

So this is where we set up camp for the next week and a half.

9:30AM – Our production trailer was parked right in front of a Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits. I thought it was strange that there were people lining up even before they opened. Little did I know, that line didn’t die down till they closed, and I documented my view of the place every chance I got. In addition to the line inside, this is what I saw from the outside.

1PM – already 6 out the door.

1:30PM – Looked over my lunch order from La Salsa.

4:30PM – Lunch time, got my Original Gourmet Famous Burrito with steak – Line still there.

6:00PM – strolled by

6:15PM – looked over a part of the snack section in the trailer, but grabbed a healthy clementine orange.

8:00PM – checked on the line – still there

8:30PM – gave in and had a coffee and an Oatmeal/Cranberry Dunker from Trader Joe’s.

9:00PM – only 1 person lining up outside

9:45PM – Of course, once I got let go from work, I made my way into the place

9:50PM – while waiting for my food, the line started forming to the door again.

10:05PM – Checking out what all the fuss was about

Tuesday’s Two Piece Chicken for $0.99 – That’s what I’m talking about!

Crazy how many people lined up at this place throughout the day. I wonder how much chicken the joint went thru today.
Did you wait in any lines today?