If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

Volunteered for a charity event that took place at the park on Sunday. Pretty stoked it raised over $3million this year.

7am breakfast in the park

We set up our posts and waited for the participants

and here they come, some of the 25,000 people.

It was a another cold day. We clenched through the weather, and were offered ice-cream bars at the end – how ironic.

Went to a restaurant for dinner in Milbrae, CA and ordered only 2 dishes for 3 people.
A “one man hot-pot” that we’ve had before, so we knew what to expect.

With Hot-Pot we cook at the table. We begin with a cooking element, and at this place it was a canister of gel.

It was lit and pot of soup was placed on top of the stand for you to cook your pile of raw food. (prawns, oyster, fish, chicken, beef, napa cabbage, tofu, noodles, etc)

That’s quite a lot of food for their so-called “One Man Hot Pot” or to us, a “one man hot pot for three”.

We also had a clay hot pot. Claypot rice is a dish cooked on an open flame. It usually starts from scratch, the rice and any of the below ingredients are cooked, allowing all the flavors to infuse into the dish. The perfect claypot has that smokey bottommost layer of scorched/toasty rice. That’s my favorite part, to crunch on the rice. For this method of slow cooking, it normally take 15-30minutes. So if you want this dish, order it in the beginning to get it started before you negotiate with the other parties of the other options in the menu.

I know we had the “Lap Mei” clay pot, but in translation, I’m not sure if it was the Four Fortune, or the Chinese Salty Meat item. My verbal Chinese is pass-able, but my reading of it isn’t 🙂  What I do know for sure is that there were 2 types of chinese sausage, preserved pork(chinese bacon), preserved duck, shittake mushroom, and bok choy.

I think we just discovered the World’s Tiniest Hot Sauce Spoon

Still not much there after 7 scoops. I think I can live without the added heat tonight.

Aside from hectic schedules, it’s great to see that so many people still participate in philanthropy.

I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror…To Stand Up And Make That Change