My parents had a picnic to attend to, and I offered to drive the grandkids back to the Bay Area for the festivities.  After wrapping that night,

I packed up 3 of the 4 kids into my car and off we went for the weekend. Left one out because she was way to young (11months) for my parents and I to handle. Not long before I reached the freeway, I lost another kid. The boy started tearing up and wanted to stay with his parents, so I had to exit, and wait for my brother-in-law to pick his kid back up.

My parents were proud of themselves, successfully spending the day with their grandchildren. We met up for dinner at a local restaurant.

Had a hand pulled noodle with Korean Spare Ribs. I love this dish, so tasty and filling.

and a couple other noodle dishes.

The day after, my parents drove the kids back to my sister’s place as I stayed behind to close up shop. Funny how things happen, but I got a call for a commercial shoot to work on. Short notice and out of the blue. Had to run some errands for them the beginning of the week, and shoot starts at the end of the week, so I’m pretty excited.