Began my morning with a fruit smoothie.

Some white peach from my sister’s house, an apple, a banana. Tossed in some peanuts and shredded coconut that were laying around from a botched recipe.

Headed out to the cafe and had a spaghetti.

…while working on some puzzles we have for customers.

Dinner consisted of a Beef with Bittermelon dish. Cut up the bittermelon, and doused it with some salt to lessen the bitterness and soften the vegetable.

Rinsed the salt off and sauteed the bittermelon with oil and garlic, and set aside. Cooked the beef and then tossed in the bittermelon. To create the sauce, mashed up some black beans, corn starch, soy sauce, sugar and water.

and finished the leftovers from the previous night. Quick and simple. Good thing because my brother is coming back from his 6yr stint in SoCal for a couple days. Then he’s off to grad school to the Southern State of US.  It definitely takes a certain person to pursue such a degree. So proud, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂