No, not that P!nk, Pink slips, well sort of. Started my drive with a little fruit to keep me company @4am.

Later on, had a little breakfast from craft services and got my credentials.

Lunch was catered by Panera Bread @ noon. That toffee nut cookie was ginormous.  It was good, but I felt like I was eating it forever and there was still more of it. Mmm…pickles, my favorite.
6hrs later, dinner was served, but any way you arrange it, it was not appetizing at all. 😦
Can’t I just get some more pickles? 🙂

Good thing I had a stash to keep me satisfied.

After I got cut, I had time to take part in the event as a spectator. All the ‘muscle’ cars were waiting to race each other to qualify for times.

They really burn rubber, called a burnout, by spinning their tires over a hosed down area of the strip. This heats a layer of the tire making the them sticky, forming a better grip and traction on the ground when racing.

Really hardcore enthusiasts with no masks on, braces the fumes of exhaust and burnt rubber. I wonder how their lungs are doing.

17hrs later, I was ready for my next task…SLEEP!!!