Crazy heat these days and a good portion of it was spent outdoors. Walked up to a drive-thru…haha, that’s right, walked.

With such nice weather, everyone headed out to the waters, but am I the only one that doesn’t enjoy the beach? Sand gets everywhere. Little flying bugs hover over the ground. Broken glass, hermit crabs and blood sucking leeches might be waiting for their next victim…okay, call me paranoid. I did manage to grab two beautiful sunsets though because light was lost so quickly afterwards, we had to return the next day to finish the shoot.

The second day, we were treated to some Southern home cooking – pulled pork, chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes,

and candied glazed carrots.

It was suggested to mix my collard greens with some cornbread, hot sauce, and vinegar for an extra kick. Vinegar? I’m game! I’d do anything for vinegar. Went back for seconds, and even a partial thirds. Polished everything up with some carrot cake, and passed on the other sweets.

Filmed a couple more hours and ended up at the beach again. I think this may be enough visits to the beaches for me for quite a while.