October 2010

Went into Target, grabbed what I wanted and thought I did very well not being tempted by other products I just ‘had to have’….until I walked into the new section that they just finished constructing. Yes, my Target now has fresh food and a Starbucks! Passed the produce, dairy, chips and snack section, and found myself at the cereal aisle. Cookie Crisp, Fruity Pebbles, Reese Puffs…. oh my!

Okay, I couldn’t resist, and now am a proud owner of a box of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. And randomly, on the doorstep was a box of Similac. Baby Formula? I guess I mailed in for a freebie a while ago when my sister’s youngest was still nursing bottles.

Fast forward from the mail-in, this baby has now moved on to solids.

So I didn’t get on the spin-off show that would have kept me busy for a few months, but I did appreciate them letting me know so I didn’t pass up on other offers and was available to take on another Disney release. How ironic that it took place at the Disney Family Museum that I accidentally stumbled upon a couple weeks ago. Good thing I didn’t shell out for tickets then to see the place then, as a personal tour guide was provided as well as roam-free access with this:

We were shooting outside with audio,

perfectly nestled between a construction zone,

chainsaws trimming trees,

huge trucks and passer byers.

But it was good, everyone was very professional about the noise.

In the early morning, I grabbed a little breakfast consisting of miniature pastries and fruit.

For lunch they kept restocking the counter with sandwiches and salads.
Yum, capers and sun-dried tomatoes in the salad. Didn’t touch the cookies, but they were the plumpest cookies I’ve seen in a while -peanut butter I believe.

Caprese sandwich with chicken, the salad, honeydew, blackberries and blueberries.

Finished the day admiring the location.


Another warm one today, and working inside a cafe with lots of windows, causes a greenhouse effect, so it was probably closer to the 90s indoors.

Well, that that just made me want to keep hydrated and make one of my “everything but the kitchen sink” smoothie into a blender. Stuffed my glass with broccoli, spinach, carrots, tofu, watermelon, oranges, banana.  Threw it all in a blender, topped it with mango chunks and some water.

And wahlah! Tasty, refreshing, and I’m no expert, but I’m assuming healthy too!

But fast foreword on to the exciting event of the evening. I attended a show, that not only included Goh Nakamura, who I worked with on filming Surrogate Valentine,

who killed it on his set with his sing-along to John Lennon session, to humoring us as he incorporated lyrics of “tipping the bartender” and being on a the “cutest stage” ever (propped with a cardboard tree, clouds, a sun and star) into his number.

The icing to this cake was when I got to watch one of my favorite indie artist, Jane Lui, play… live.

Not only is her voice amazing, she’s also funny and entertaining, and produces sounds utilizing household-like items and pieces everything together. There’s so much to say about this artist, but you should just check her music out on her youtube videos. She also just released her 3rd album and is totally FREE to download from her site: http://janelui.com….so check it, let me know what you think 🙂

I don’t watch horror/scary films, but I do know of the character Chucky, and I swear this could have been where he hung out.

Spent the weekend in the city at a house, shooting a short film. The decor wasn’t too bad because there were many people around, but if I were there alone, I’d be FREAKIN’ OUT.

They actually had someone come in and make home-made pizza. So fancy. Others would just opt for take-out or delivery.

Grabbed myself a vegetarian pizza, a small handful of chips and a can of Lemon San Pellegrino. Round 2 was a cheese slice with some grapes.

The first night ended early and at home I went ahead and made another ‘go to noodle soup‘. This one was made with dried bean thread noodle, and from the freezer section, some fish balls and peas. Flavored it all with tamarind soup base.

Bright an early I started off the morning with a cup of coffee and a cookie on set. A “Two Day Shelf Life” Cookie? I hope we were within the 2 days.

Between work, we broke for a snack. Some TeJava tea, hummus and pita chips.

And back to work again. Yes, this is part of the film.

A couple more shots and it was time for lunch. Peasant pies. I was excited because I have never had any peasant pie, nor shepard pie. The closest was a chicken pot pie. We had a variety of pies – beef/potato, chicken/potato, curried potato, ham/egg/cheese, black bean/tofu. I grabbed the beef with potato and the chicken with potato.

The chicken pie had dill in it, which gave it an ‘interesting’ flavor. Maybe a little too interesting because half-hour later, I wasn’t feeling too hot and needed to take a break until things normalized….

Came back and kept on plowing thru and ended the night filling out paperwork.

It’s still questionable for me if I want to watch the finished product or not, since the editing process will make it much more eerie.

Arrived early on set and put together a seeded bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon from the craft service table. Tasty, but salmon on a shoot can give off a not so pleasant aroma in an enclosed area.

Set up a shot for a mock-up commercial. We started with an empty room and filled it up. Looks pretty convincing. And the actor, so talented -took everything that was thrown his way. We’ll see how it comes out.

Broke for lunch for some pasta, meatloaf, chicken, and salad.

Two hours later we were finished. By far, the easiest and most productive shoot I have been on.
After the shoot, I grabbed a raspberry iced tea, with real raspberries. I just hate it that I’d be almost done w/the drink by the time I get to the car. Seriously, I need some restraint, or go all out and get two. 🙂

Oh no, it’s that time again Charlie Brown. Dressing up isn’t my cup of tea, but I do look forward to the haunted house decorations and pumpkin carvings.

Other than that, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a spin-off show in the near future. We’ll see what happens.

Locked out, so I had to break in to a building late at night. Well, only partially true. In order for me to do the various jobs, in various locations, and at various times has all been thanks to being able to work remotely. Unfortunately, the computer I needed to connect to was down, and the only way to keep up with the work was to head into the office.

So that I did, but after hours because seriously, who wants to head into the city and deal with the traffic and parking situation.

The drive was smooth, no traffic from the SF Giants blocking my route, plenty of parking, even the rock star one right in front of the building was available, but I bypassed it and headed to the indoor garage available only at this hour.

Made my way into the office. Good thing my badge credentials still worked because only certain people have access at these hours, and the last time I went in during off hours was maybe over 3years ago. Felt a little eerie with all the cubicles empty, no one talking or playing music or clicking on their computers. The only things that were stirring was the wind from outside, garbage trucks banging away, and me settling in. It also felt kind of comforting as for many years, I would arrive early to the office to get a lot of work done before the mind gets pulled away in different directions to partake in meetings, water cooler gossips, discussions of where to go for lunch, and how to remedy red-flagged situations before tackling my own duties.

Everything got done and hours later, I left the office the same way I came in. Empty and quiet.