Locked out, so I had to break in to a building late at night. Well, only partially true. In order for me to do the various jobs, in various locations, and at various times has all been thanks to being able to work remotely. Unfortunately, the computer I needed to connect to was down, and the only way to keep up with the work was to head into the office.

So that I did, but after hours because seriously, who wants to head into the city and deal with the traffic and parking situation.

The drive was smooth, no traffic from the SF Giants blocking my route, plenty of parking, even the rock star one right in front of the building was available, but I bypassed it and headed to the indoor garage available only at this hour.

Made my way into the office. Good thing my badge credentials still worked because only certain people have access at these hours, and the last time I went in during off hours was maybe over 3years ago. Felt a little eerie with all the cubicles empty, no one talking or playing music or clicking on their computers. The only things that were stirring was the wind from outside, garbage trucks banging away, and me settling in. It also felt kind of comforting as for many years, I would arrive early to the office to get a lot of work done before the mind gets pulled away in different directions to partake in meetings, water cooler gossips, discussions of where to go for lunch, and how to remedy red-flagged situations before tackling my own duties.

Everything got done and hours later, I left the office the same way I came in. Empty and quiet.