I don’t watch horror/scary films, but I do know of the character Chucky, and I swear this could have been where he hung out.

Spent the weekend in the city at a house, shooting a short film. The decor wasn’t too bad because there were many people around, but if I were there alone, I’d be FREAKIN’ OUT.

They actually had someone come in and make home-made pizza. So fancy. Others would just opt for take-out or delivery.

Grabbed myself a vegetarian pizza, a small handful of chips and a can of Lemon San Pellegrino. Round 2 was a cheese slice with some grapes.

The first night ended early and at home I went ahead and made another ‘go to noodle soup‘. This one was made with dried bean thread noodle, and from the freezer section, some fish balls and peas. Flavored it all with tamarind soup base.

Bright an early I started off the morning with a cup of coffee and a cookie on set. A “Two Day Shelf Life” Cookie? I hope we were within the 2 days.

Between work, we broke for a snack. Some TeJava tea, hummus and pita chips.

And back to work again. Yes, this is part of the film.

A couple more shots and it was time for lunch. Peasant pies. I was excited because I have never had any peasant pie, nor shepard pie. The closest was a chicken pot pie. We had a variety of pies – beef/potato, chicken/potato, curried potato, ham/egg/cheese, black bean/tofu. I grabbed the beef with potato and the chicken with potato.

The chicken pie had dill in it, which gave it an ‘interesting’ flavor. Maybe a little too interesting because half-hour later, I wasn’t feeling too hot and needed to take a break until things normalized….

Came back and kept on plowing thru and ended the night filling out paperwork.

It’s still questionable for me if I want to watch the finished product or not, since the editing process will make it much more eerie.