Another warm one today, and working inside a cafe with lots of windows, causes a greenhouse effect, so it was probably closer to the 90s indoors.

Well, that that just made me want to keep hydrated and make one of my “everything but the kitchen sink” smoothie into a blender. Stuffed my glass with broccoli, spinach, carrots, tofu, watermelon, oranges, banana.  Threw it all in a blender, topped it with mango chunks and some water.

And wahlah! Tasty, refreshing, and I’m no expert, but I’m assuming healthy too!

But fast foreword on to the exciting event of the evening. I attended a show, that not only included Goh Nakamura, who I worked with on filming Surrogate Valentine,

who killed it on his set with his sing-along to John Lennon session, to humoring us as he incorporated lyrics of “tipping the bartender” and being on a the “cutest stage” ever (propped with a cardboard tree, clouds, a sun and star) into his number.

The icing to this cake was when I got to watch one of my favorite indie artist, Jane Lui, play… live.

Not only is her voice amazing, she’s also funny and entertaining, and produces sounds utilizing household-like items and pieces everything together. There’s so much to say about this artist, but you should just check her music out on her youtube videos. She also just released her 3rd album and is totally FREE to download from her site:….so check it, let me know what you think 🙂