Went into Target, grabbed what I wanted and thought I did very well not being tempted by other products I just ‘had to have’….until I walked into the new section that they just finished constructing. Yes, my Target now has fresh food and a Starbucks! Passed the produce, dairy, chips and snack section, and found myself at the cereal aisle. Cookie Crisp, Fruity Pebbles, Reese Puffs…. oh my!

Okay, I couldn’t resist, and now am a proud owner of a box of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. And randomly, on the doorstep was a box of Similac. Baby Formula? I guess I mailed in for a freebie a while ago when my sister’s youngest was still nursing bottles.

Fast forward from the mail-in, this baby has now moved on to solids.

So I didn’t get on the spin-off show that would have kept me busy for a few months, but I did appreciate them letting me know so I didn’t pass up on other offers and was available to take on another Disney release. How ironic that it took place at the Disney Family Museum that I accidentally stumbled upon a couple weeks ago. Good thing I didn’t shell out for tickets then to see the place then, as a personal tour guide was provided as well as roam-free access with this:

We were shooting outside with audio,

perfectly nestled between a construction zone,

chainsaws trimming trees,

huge trucks and passer byers.

But it was good, everyone was very professional about the noise.

In the early morning, I grabbed a little breakfast consisting of miniature pastries and fruit.

For lunch they kept restocking the counter with sandwiches and salads.
Yum, capers and sun-dried tomatoes in the salad. Didn’t touch the cookies, but they were the plumpest cookies I’ve seen in a while -peanut butter I believe.

Caprese sandwich with chicken, the salad, honeydew, blackberries and blueberries.

Finished the day admiring the location.