Last week was pretty strenuous having to juggle my regular techie job, with the cafe and a last minute opportunity to work on a network spin-off show.  I got a called for the gig weeks ago, got passed up on the position, so I gave up hope, but out of the blue heard back from them, and now it’s all over with. Confusing like a roller coaster but this rink was where I got to spend my time.

Ready to take a little break from the hectic workload I decided to head to a coffee shop to catch up on all things online. Ended up in the city of Pacifica, yes off the Pacific Ocean. It was peaceful and calming.

I remember back in school when we had to sell coupon books as fundraiser events. They use to be the size of a checkbook and consisted of local businesses. Then fund-raising coupons turned into Entertainment Books which provided broader businesses and discounts in the city for movie tickets, amusement parks admissions, video rentals, car rentals, buy one get one entree free to eateries, etc. Businesses participating the book would get them for free, so for the longest time we would have free copies..that was until a few years ago. Seeing the web advertisements  for these books brought me back to feeling that if I paid full price for anything meant that I was paying too much, so I folded and purchased a book.

The book brought me to a coffee shop next to the ocean, that apparently made it known that they do not have wifi.

No internet, so I spent the time reading the paper and playing some games, as I consumed a Mexican Mocha and a Pumpkin Pie/Bar, which seems to fit the season, with my half off coupon.

I noticed that a lot of businesses that use to be on the book are no longer on them, may it be the economy, or just a fad to be in the book in those days. Seems like that business has now been overrun by the online deals like Groupons, Living Social, KGB Deals, Plum District, the list goes on and on. Oh well, now I know but I’m contempt since my savings accumulated has already paid for the book.

Dinner tonight is a simple one, but time consuming. Sue Gow, or dumplings.

My ingredients this time around consists of:

– Ground pork
– shiitake mushrooms
– shrimp
– chives
– egg
– white pepper
– soy sauce
– sesame oil
– salt
– sugar
– corn starch
– Sue Gow wrappers

Like any recipe I get from my mom, I never get any measurements, just the list of ingredients, so like this one, it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I figure, it doesn’t really matter since at the end, I’d dip the dumplings in sauce before eating.

Cut up all the ingredients, tossed them all in a large bowl to incorporate together.

I set up my workstation at the table  with the filling, wrappers, couple plates and a bowl of water for binding the dumpling’s wrapper edges.

I split the process in two stages, first by prepping a couple plates with the wrappers with portioned filling, then I go to town wrapping.

100 dumplings later, I ran out of filling and was ready to drop them in some boiling water to cook. My typical dipping sauce consists of soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic, but since I’ve got plans in the  morning, I’ll spare the other people the reminiscence of what I had for dinner the night before and left out one of the ingredients.

Tomorrow morning I start a new reality gig. Call time is 5:45am. AM!!! Need to go, can’t procrastinate, and get some sleep!