I got a chance to attend a wedding in Spain and I jumped at the offer. I knew some of the places in Europe was going to be cold, LIKE SNOW COLD, so I tried to prepare the best that I could being from sunny California.

We almost didn’t make it though. While taxiing on the runway, about to take off, we turned around because a passenger had a panic attack. With a 2-hour delay which included heading back to the gates, escorting the passenger off, digging out their baggage, and refueling, we were back on our way.

Got to pick my layover locations, so first stop was Wiesbaden, Germany via Frankfurt, to see a college friend.

It’s been a while, but thanks to the social networking of today, we were able to meet up, even if it was for less than 24hrs. She moved there last year and was pretty excited to show me why she was excited about this place. First we took her dog out for a stroll in a park not too far from her place.  Took in some of nature’s art, (seems as if I stepped into a postcard scenery)

and then some “art” art

Dropped the dog back at the house, and we were off to the city.
Went to a gummy bear candy store.

Ate at a currywurst restaurant, Curry Manufaktur in Wiesbaden.
Sausages were cut into slices and seasoned with curry sauce, consisting of tomato paste or other spices blended with curry and topped with curry powder. Not being able to read or even order my food had me pretty apprehensive. Good thing I had my ‘local’ tour guide to help me out, and ended up with a huge plate of their specialty.

Jet lag kicked in and we headed back for a nap. We headed back out at night.
Walked through the Christmas Market, and drooled over more food.
Like the Flammkuchen, a flat bread pizza with cheese, potatoes and ham

, Chocolate coated marshmallows with many different flavorings inside.

23Karat gold covered cashew nuts displayed at the candied nut stall.

Poffertjes. Somewhat like the Chinese Egg Puff/Eggettes, but this version is dressed with vanilla sauceand powdered sugar.

Keep in mind the Christmas Market takes place outdoors, and in the winter!

While gathering around outdoor tables, and breathing out into the coldest of airs, people would chatting away with a cup of Glühwein (hot mulled red wine with spices) to take the chill off. Since I’m not a fan of the taste of alcohol, but just to experience it, I managed a few sips and it definitely kept me warm.

This trip is all about exploring new eats for me, and this leg of the trip in Germany was a success.

The next morning I left for Barcelona and realized I left just before a huge snow storm hit Europe.
Pretty lucky my friend said, and I agreed it was a close one.