Left the next morning, just before the huge snow storm in Europe hit. Thank goodness my friend stayed with me until I got checked in, as if the German language wasn’t overwhelming enough, I didn’t even know where to begin looking on the departure/arrival info.

After I got settled, I just hung around and soaked it all in like this guy.

Arrived in Barcelona where I met the soon to be newly weds at the airport. They were in a rush as they were still dealing with last minute plans before the wedding, so I was dropped us off at a house in Cerdanyola, Spain.
Friend’s “mom” had a quick lunch waiting for us.

Finished the salad and I thought that was it, until she brought out a tray of baked chicken….oh moms…they’re universal.

Headed out the to the city to check out the Christmas Market and the night life. So did everyone else.

Lights everywhere, down every street. I wonder where the city stores all the decorations afterwards?

Stopped at Trencadis for some food and called it a night since jet lag started to kick in.

Once all of the people from the states arrived in Spain, some of us wanted to venture out to the city, by taking their public transportation. By the way, transpo here puts the California public transportation system to shame…once we were able to find it though.

Found the tracks, and saw the train, but where was the station to hop onboard?

Eventually made our way into Barcelona, Spain. I didn’t really do any research for the area and knew the hosts would bring us to the must see spots in Spain. What was on my list was of course had to deal their specialties:


the pintxos bar:

Somewhat tapas/buffet style. You walk with a plate and grab from the displays the bread topped with various ingredients from salmon to cheese, to my ever so favorite jamón. To pay your bill, they count how many toothpicks remain on your plate. I can see how this may be a problem for them with my mischievous past 🙂

the churros con chocolate, thick sludge like hot chocolate to dip with the churros:

the coffee:

Explored the famed architect, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, thou his work is scattered all over the city.

Visited Els Quatre Gats, where young Picasso use to frequent, known for a gathering place for artists:

and how can I pass up black ink squid paella if it’s on the menu. No is not an option for me when exploring a new country 🙂

a little flamenco dancing:

Still have a wedding to get to, more time in Spain, and then off to Brussels, Belgium!!!