Another 800-miles north of Barcelona, Spain and I arrived in Brussels, Belgium.
Hopped on the train from the airport to the city. Quite an adventure for me, as everything was ‘foreign’ to me:
but I managed to get myself off the correct train station.
I didn’t want to venture out too far and get stranded, but proceeded on the cobblestone road, and did the touristy thing in the vicinity.

Which brought me into the Grand Palace town center

Only a few were on my list to try
1. Belgium waffles in…well, Belgium

2. Mussels from Brussels

3. Hand made me some Belgium Chocolate

in the land of chocolate

4. Manneken Pis – the pissing boy

which was much smaller than I imagined

5. Fritz – the fries, but I wasn’t too impressed. It was meaty, like steak fries to me and I am more into the crispy thin ones.

6. And another delicacy, I got the Filet Américan.

I recalled the this Mr. Bean episode, which made me even more enthused to try it out.
well, “When in Rome…”

Once again, made it back to the States just before another big snow storm #2 hit.

That was an exciting way to round up the year. I wonder when and where my next adventure will take me.