Last year I took part in the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival’s festivities. The time has come again for the 29th annual SFIAAFF.

Other than the regular prep work and pickups

I also got to “work” with the publicist who had an all access entry to the festivities. Prior to mingling at the Opening Night reception at the Asian Art Museum,

we were at a Chinese TV station promoting the festival with interviews with people from the film, “Almost Perfect“, though I couldn’t understand any of it  because it was entirely in Mandarin 😦

I also got to meet back up with some old faces.
Musician Jane and the Surrogate Valentine peeps.

I think the first time I heard of Goh was from their youtube video duet.
Got called up for the Q/A session after the screening and I felt so uneasy up there.

I enjoy doing the things I get to do and meet the people I get to meet, but I’m more of a behind the scenes person. I’ll give it up to those that have no anxieties when it comes to things like this.