During this year’s Asian Film Festival, I was called back for a re-shoot to work on. Exactly this time last year, we shot an indie short, and the story developed in another direction, so we needed more footage. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly, but somehow it always works out for me to be able to juggle my schedule around others.

To keep with continuity, we had to upkeep the physical appearance of the actors from what we had filmed of them from before.

So, it was time for this guy to get a  little buzz.

The talented Anna Khaja didn’t change at all

except this time we had dryer weather.

Even though we are in a year and counting, I’d rather the director take their time and create their vision, as opposed to rushing to toss something together and not being happy with the film.  The director was excited for what was shot, which makes me excited to see the finished product.