Got to visit Pixar again since Toy Story 3, but this time for the press junket for Cars 2.

Out of all the locations I’ve been to, Pixar is probably my favorite.  Being able to step foot into the birthplace of so many outstanding animated movies is an honor – to see the sketches on paper framed as art, to final character creations sprinkled throughout the building.

Checked in and began light with a yogurt for breakfast
Interviews all day

built up my hunger for LUNCH!!! Grilled asparagus, chicken with pesto, shelled pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green salad

I was really satisfied

The food never disappoints, and I can only imagine how great it must be to work here. Then I turn over and spotted a boot camp session happening outside for the employees. WHAT???

Nothing could top that, I thought. I was wrong when a crew member told me they just laid out more snacks for us to enjoy.

The chips and taquitos I was familiar with, but

deep fried pickles were new to my taste buds.

Always an adventure and I got giddy when I saw Edna E. Mode standing there too.

Oh how I love coming here.