I remember the days when I was the human TV Guide. Any time, any channel, I knew what was up. Then came cable with its vast networks, and I lost all my powers.

Nowadays, when I get a call for a gig, I’d have to do research to see who the key players were and what I’d be getting myself into. An episode of a cable network matchmaking  reality show was coming through and needed local person, me, to help them out. Accepted the mission, and asked some friends if they knew what it was, and BOY DID THEY! Well then, internet/youtube research, here I come.

When it rains…you know. I love the access I get when I work, to places I never thought I’d ever take part in, like attend a  drag race, after parties, visiting an animation studio or working at a  lemonade stand.

Another cable show wanted footage of a big faire, The Maker’s Faire, happening in San Mateo, CA.

Which got me to the front of all these people

to experience the makings of giant bubbles

a live battleship combat

a demonstration of the reaction when combining Mentos Candy with Soda

How cool is making your own 3-D photos or videos, or is it just the geek in me.

Lunch was just blah.

but when we were done with the shoot, I ventured back because these ginormous vessels cooking paella with chicken and prawns.

I was suckered into getting it, but after the first bite,

it was apparent that, even though I look for them in the states, none can beat the taste of the paella I had in Barcelona.