My office for the day:

I have been here before for Toy Story 3, and this film, Cars 2, but it seems extra special, since we’ve been called back to work multiple times due to it being released on Pixar Studio’s 25th anniversary.

How can you not be excited to walk into a building filled with larger than life-size characters scattered throughout the building. Buzz and Woody were made of Lego.

What surprised me was as I walked into the building, turned and saw a poster of a very familiar film. The film I got to work on last yearSurrogate Valentine was going to be showing at Pixar’s Theater on June 7th.

We got everything together and headed to breakfast. I’m always excited to see what the culinary crew has prepared.

I made a fruit yogurt parfait with granola with what was available.

After we set up the gear, I kept spying on when the crew was going to set up lunch.

The time had arrived and of course I grabbed a little bit of everything. Salmon, chicken, mushroom/spinach ravioli, roasted asparagus/squash…

Everything obviously made my taste buds happy, except for this random bean I found on my plate 🙂

Usually I never know what to expect when I arrive on location, and get informed of the plan…during the day. After lunch, I was grateful to be stuck in a room for a few hours during the behind the scenes interviews with none other than Denise, the producer of the much anticipated movie.  It was very insightful hearing about her background to the making of the film and hidden things to look out for.  Rounding the corner, we have one more visit before Cars 2 premieres on June 24th!